Para Swimming Talent Programme Guidelines


British Para-Swimming Talent Identification

The Para-Swimming Talent programme will take athletes on a journey of development with many destinations, exploring the pillars of athlete development; Technical, Tactical, Physical, Psychological.

The current programme features three levels:

  1. Foundation Level
    Aimed to support those athletes aged 10 – 18. It introduces athletes into our ROCK ethos (Responsibility, Ownership, Commitment, Knowledge) and aims to start to support their holistic development across all four strokes.
  2. Junior Development Level
    Focused on swimmers aged between 10 – 13 that will build upon the knowledge learnt in foundation. Athletes will learn how to develop a process mind set and will be starting to demonstrate the ROCK ethos in their approach to development.
  3. Development Level
    Focused on swimmers who are aged between 14 – 18 years old. Invites based on highest scoring British Para-Swimming Points at specific events.

Para-swimmers who have meet the consideration standards will be reviewed and invited onto an appropriate level for their development. Selections will be made after Swim England Summer Championships with invites sent out in August.

Talent programme inductions will be held in September. If you accept the place on the programme you will receive support from the England Para-Swimming Talent Coaches.

Regional training is important first step on the pathway where the talent team can engage and see what swimmers are coming up through the pathway. Regional training provides opportunities for swimmers, coaches and teachers to develop their skills and further their knowledge on para-swimming. For more information please visit the Swim England Para Swimming Hub.

For any general enquiries please email 

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