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The first question that many people ask is what is the difference between disability swimming and para swimming. In short there is no difference, its just a different term that is used internationally for the competitive element of the sport – its short for parallel, meaning that disabled competitions run alongside and are of equal importance to able bodied competition.

Ensure your child doesn’t miss out on the benefits of swimming. Track down swimming lessons today. Depending on disability, your child could learn to swim with non-disabled children and progress using the same ASA Learn to Swim Pathway.

Disability Swimming FAQs for Parents

Disability Swimming Lessons

About Disability Swimming Clubs

Britain’s Top Paralympic Swimmers

Hub Clubs

Hub Clubs are situated at local swimming clubs to provide an assessment opportunity for any swimmer with a disability.
During the session, swimmers will be asked to complete basic swim skills and assessment tasks to determine their ability level.
After the initial assessment swimmers will be directed to appropriate swimming provision best suited to the individual swimmer. Please click here to see the Hub Clubs in the South East.


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