Virtual handbook

Swim England South East does not print a handbook. This saves the Region considerable expense but also ensures that information is always accurate and up to date. For easy reference we have bought together the information that you might expect to find in a handbook onto this page.

Bursaries & funding

Committees and working groups


Key discipline volunteers

Other roles and responsibilities

Regional Management Board

Sub-region contacts


You can download the full constitution (May 2022) of the South East Region here.

Swim England South East Limited Articles of Association

Swim England South East Region Travel and Subsistence Expenses Policy

Swim England South East will pay travel and subsistence expenses of all volunteers that are necessarily incurred when working at Regional Events and Meetings.

Download the Region’s expenses policy and expenses claim form.

Past Presidents

The definitive list of Past Presidents of South East Region

History of the Region

South East Region was formed following a reorganisation of swimming in 2005. This saw the breakup of the Southern Counties structure that included what is now London Region. The Region also includes part of the old Midlands Region. Here you can download a copy of the centenary handbook for the Southern Counties published in 1989.

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