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Welcome to SwimMark – Swim England’s  new quality mark for Clubs!

SwimMark (formerly known as Swim21) accreditation is the ASA’s recognised kitemark for the development of effective, ethical and sustainable affiliated clubs.

The opportunity to gain SwimMark accreditation is available to all clubs, across any aquatic discipline (including Masters), regardless of size and activity delivered.  swim21 is about creating the best possible swimming experience for all and raising the quality of aquatics provision across all areas.

SwimMark provides national recognition that clubs are providing a quality service for all members, which is recognised by Sport England i.e. all clubs gaining ASA accreditation will automatically receive Clubmark status. Clubmark is widely recognised by potential funders, schools and other partners that can assist with club growth and development.  Please click here for more information on how to obtain your Clubmark ID number.

In the South East Region we have a dedicated team able to help you and your club achieve SwimMark accreditation as well as helping you make the most of the benefits & outcomes of SwimMark status.

Please click here for the latest information about the changes to SwimMark Essential.

You can find information about SwimMark on the Swim England website.

You can also contact these South East staff members who will be able to help you.

Rosa Gallop – Club Development Officer – South East

Helen Mack – Regional Club Development Officer – South East

SwimMark Updates

Update for SwimMark clubs –

December 2017

April 2018

July 2018

October 2018



This table shows the SwimMark panel submission dates for South East Region

Regional Submission DeadlineRegional Panel DateNational Panel Date
Friday 17th August 2018Thursday 6th September 2018Wednesday 26th September 2018
Friday 2nd November 2018Thursday 22nd November 2018Wednesday 12th December 2018
Friday 15th February 2019Thursday 7th March 2019Wednesday 27th March 2019
Friday 17th May 2019Thursday 6th June 2019Wednesday 26th June 2019
Friday 30th August 2019Thursday 12th September 2019Wednesday 25th September 2019
Friday 1st November 2019Thursday 21st November 2019Wednesday 11th December 2019

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