Other roles and responsibilities

President 2017/18Eileen Adams
Vice President 2017/18Jenny Gray
ChairmanRoger PenfoldRoger.Penfold@southeastswimming.org
ASA Sport Governing Board MemberRoger Prior Roger.Prior@southeastswimming.org
Webmaster & communicationsBrian Devalcomms@southeastswimming.org
Welfare OfficerShelley Robinsonwelfare@southeastswimming.org
Medical OfficerDr Choong
South East Representative on ASA Officials GroupRoger Priorroger.prior@southeastswimming.org
Lead for providing officials at Regional Swimming Championships Ian Bondswimsoutheastofficials@gmail.com
Health & Safety Chris Lee
CustodianSue Green
CustodianEdward Lyne
CustodianJohn Ramsay
CustodianMargaret Tuppen
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