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Bursaries & funding

Swim England South East manage a range of bursary and funding schemes to support teachers, coaches and athletes.

Regional Bursary Scheme 2018/19

This scheme is designed to reduce some of the financial burden experienced by individuals when undertaking their continuous professional development, the region has made some funding available towards the cost of Swim England & SCUK courses.

Applicants must be from clubs with SwimMark accreditation and demonstrate that they have been actively engaged in teaching or coaching with the club for at least 6 months and expect to continue working at the club following the training.

Having provided bursaries over many years for swimming teachers and coaches, the decision has been made to stop providing bursaries for teachers (ASA level 1 –Swimming Assistant Teaching and ASA level 2 – Swimming Teacher), but to continue providing them for coach education courses in all disciplines.  Applications for bursaries for Level 1 and Level 2 Teaching qualifications will no longer be considered.

There are several reasons for this change:

Many clubs have benefited from these bursaries, many teachers have been trained and are now working in clubs.  In addition, many teachers are paid for working in learn-to-swim schemes.

Some clubs have removed their learn-to-swim schemes from their main club such that those swimmers are not part of Swim England and we do not receive a membership fee for them.

For coaches, often the head coach is paid, but lane coaches are volunteers.  Swim England and the IOS have largely sorted out most of the coaches’ courses so that the new courses are better.  We see this as a good time to support our coaches for the advancement of the sport.

Download the full criteria and an application form for the Coach Bursary Scheme 2018.19

For courses starting on or after 01 April 2019 please use: Coach Bursary Form 2019.20

Regional Bursary Scheme for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Courses 2018/19

In order to reduce some of the financial burden on SwimMark accredited clubs, the we will help towards the cost of the following CPD courses. The we will support up to 50% of the cost of the course or £15 per person (whichever is the smaller amount).

Safeguarding and Protecting Children UK Coaching/IoS

  • Renewal: Safeguarding and Protecting Children in Sport (online refresher)
  • A Local Safeguarding Children’s Board (LSCB) accredited course (with the exception of LSCB Basic Awareness and Foundation Courses)
  • SAFE (Safer Activities for Everyone) CIC standard safeguarding training
  • Child Safeguarding training delivered by the Football Association (FA) or England and Wales Cricket board (ECB)

Download the full criteria and an application form here: CPD Course Bursary Form 2018.19

For courses starting on or after 01 April 2019 please use: Safeguarding Course Bursary Form 2019.20

Athlete Contribution to South East Region Training camps policy

During the year disciplines either run or can run training camps either on-shore or off-shore and in order to avoid any confusion the Region has agreed a level of contribution for the athletes attending these camps.

Channel Island Travel Support Scheme 2018/19

Swim England South East recognises that athletes and coaches on the Channel Islands are at a disadvantage with regard to the cost of travelling to Regional Talent Camps and Coaches Workshops organised by the region.  The Region will contribute to the extra travel and accommodation expenses necessarily incurred in attending such events. The Region will support up to 50% of the cost with a limit of £150 per person.

  1. The event must be organised by Swim England South East Region and be a training camp for an athlete or a Workshop for a coach.
  2. Travel must be from the Channel Island to the event
  3. Expenses must be incurred in relation to the event and may include travel and accommodation.
  4. Funding must be applied for ahead of the event.

Download the full criteria and application form for Channel Island Travel Support Scheme 2018.19.

For events taking place on or after 01 April 2019 please use: Channel Island Travel Support Scheme 2019.20

Distance Meet Support Scheme 2018/19

In order to encourage clubs to run Distance Meets and reduce some of the financial burden, Swim England South East has made some funding available towards the cost of pool hire.

The aim of supporting these meets is to:

  1. Encourage swimmers to enter and compete in distance events
  2. Provide qualification opportunities for National Events
  3. Provide pool events for Open Water swimmers during the winter.
  4. Provide meets at Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 across the Region and spread through the year, taking into account the swimming calendar with County, Regional and National Competitions.

Download the full criteria and an application form for the Distance Meet Support Scheme 2018.19

For meets taking place after 01 April 2019 please use: Distance Meet Support Scheme 2019.20

Hardship Funding Policy

ASA South East Region recognise that aquatics can be a relatively expensive sport, in particular for top athletes and they may experience funding difficulties. The Region does not provide hardship funding, but encourages clubs, athletes and their families to actively seek external funding. Please click here to see the policy.

Start Up Funding Policy

ASA South East Region is pro-active in the development of the sport within the region, in particular through the formation of new clubs and new sections of existing clubs in the disciplines of Water Polo, Synchro and Diving. In setting up new clubs or new sections, funding may be needed to pay in advance for pool time and other items, before any funds are accumulated from athletes paying membership and training fees, and any grants from funding bodies have been received.

The Region will assist clubs through the Regional Development Officers and if necessary the provision of temporary funding to overcome cash-flow issues. Please click here to see the policy.

General funding and sponsorship information

Swim England South East have identified a range of funding opportunities available to clubs in the Region. Download the Funding Guide here (updated April 2018). For other funding opportunities please view the Funding Opportunities for Coaching in the UK (November 2017)


Swim England have developed a toolkit to help clubs looking for sponsorship or working with sponsors:

Swim England Creating a Sponsorship Pack

Creating A Sponsorship Pack – Editable Templates for clubs



Swim England have teamed up with easyfundraising (UK’s biggest retail fundraising site) to give aquatic clubs access to an unlimited source of free funding: the club receives a donation when members and their families shop online.  Over 600 swimming clubs have already signed up to easyfundraising and have raised over £200k between them!  Sign up your club at and then log into easyfundraising every time you shop online via a computer, tablet or mobile device. Please click here to see a case study from Bracknell & Wokingham SC.

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