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How does a club affiliate to the ASA?

This link will take you to the ASA’s main site where you can find all the information you might need to affiliate your club to the ASA

Club constitution

To aid clubs in the process of becoming constituted the ASA has created a Model Constitution. It is a template allowing you to develop your own document without having to write it from scratch. It also ensures your constitution meets ASA requirements.

Using this model will set up the club as an “unincorporated association” or “members club”. This is perhaps the simplest structure as it is not subject to specific laws (like company law to companies) or regulatory requirements (like company house requirements for companies). It is also by far the most popular legal structure of clubs.

Affiliation fees from 1 January 2018 are here.

More information on the Membership Renewals process can be found here.

Swim England South East Benefits of Affiliation April 2018


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