Swimming competitions

 South East Region Championships 2017

Full  programme details and qualification times for the 2017 Regional Championships are now available.

14yrs and under will be held at K2 Crawley

15yrs and over events will be held at Wycombe Leisure Centre

We are excited about the opportunity to hold the 15yrs and over age group Regional Championships at the recently opened 50m pool at High Wycombe. For many swimmers, their coaches and families this is will be first time that they will have visited the pool.

To help everyone have the best possible time we have worked in partnership with High Wycombe tourism office and the leisure centre to provide you with as much information as possible about how to get to the pool, local accommodation, where to eat and things to do in your time away from the pool.

Parents Talk Saturday 13th May 2017 – K2

A parents talk took place on Saturday 13th May at K2 during the afternoon warm up. This was for parents of 12 year olds and any other older swimmers participating in the regional championships for the first time. This talk was led by England Programmes. The presentation included information on the Youth  Physical Development Model, a paper on this can be found here; The Youth Physical Development Model

Parent Talk 2016 Age Group Championships

During the 1st weekend of the regional age group championships, Lindsay Dunn from England Programmes delivered a presentation for parents on the Youth Physical development model. The presentation can be found below along with a paper;

Regional Parents Talk YPDM 2016

The Youth Physical Development Model


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