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Open water competitions

Swim England South East 2018 Open Water Championship, Age Group and Multi-disability competition. 

Westhampnett Lake Chichester

Saturday 21 July 2018


General information about the Championships.

The Swim England South East Open Water Championships are a qualifying event for ASA Open Water Age Group National Championships. 

Competitors wishing to compete for the automatic places at ASA Open Water Age Group Nationals should ensure they enter the age appropriate distance. All ages are as at 31 December 2018.

12yrs & 13yrs – 2,000m

14yrs & 15yrs – 3,000m               

16yrs, 17yrs, 18yrs and 19yrs+ – 5,000m

(Unfortunately, because of time constraints we are unable to run a 500m taster event this year.)

All entries must be made individually. The entry fees for each event is £15.00 which must be paid in full at the time of entry.

Entries are now closed. All entries submitted by the closing date have been accepted. Click here for a full list of accepted entries.

Westhampnett Lake is approached from A27 Chichester by-pass. From the eastern end of the bypass follow signs for Goodwood, At the next roundabout turn right towards Westhampnett a sign will direct you to the Chichester Watersports Centre.  For sat-nav users PO18 0NX. Parking is available on site for officials only. Ample car parking is available for competitors at the Rolls Royce car park please follow the signs. The road to the centre is a busy access to the community waste centre and must be kept clear at all times.


0830   Registration opens 5k

0900   Brief 5k

0930   Start 5k

0930   Registration opens 2000m

1030    Registration opens 3000m

1100    Brief 2000m

1130    Start 2000m Male

1135    Start 2000m Ladies

1200    Brief 3000m

1230    Start 3000m Male

1235    Start 3000m Ladies


(Under ASA Laws and ASA Technical Rules)

Championships conditions 

1.   The Championships are open to bona fide members of clubs affiliated to the ASA, the Scottish ASA, the Welsh ASA or registered members of clubs from Countries that are affiliated to FINA.

1.1   Competitors must be 12 years of age as of 31st December in the year of competition to enter the Championship event of 2,000m and 13 for events of 3,000m or more.

1.2   A swimmer shall have joined the club in whose name he is entered at least 60 days prior to the date of the competition.

1.3 The Championships are inclusive of athletes with a disability.

2.   Entries

2.1 Entries will only be accepted when received by the organiser on or before the closing date on the official entry form together with the appropriate entry fee.

2.2  The organising committee reserves the right to limit the number of entries.

2.3 The closing date for entries is midnight on Saturday 7th July. No late entries will be accepted.

3. The Championship is freestyle and may be swum as a combined event.

4. Awards

4.1   Age awards will be made as below

  • 2,000m 12,13,
  • 3,000m 14,15
  • 5,000m 16,17,18, 19+

4.2   The first placed ASA SER competitors, male and female, shall each receive a suitable award including Multi-Disability.

4.3.  Awards shall also be made in the following age groups in the 3K event:

17 ~ 24 years

25 ~ 34 years

35 ~ 44 years

45 ~ 54 years

55 ~ 64 years

65 years+

4.4.    In the event of less than 4 entries in a class medals will be awarded on the basis of number of entries less 1.

5. Competitors must have their number written on back, hand and upper arm. In the event of a wetsuit being worn numbering will be varied accordingly. The numbered hat must be worn and if 2 hats are worn this must be the outer hat.

6. Time limits

6.1 A time limit of 60 minutes after each start will be applied in 2K event;

6.2 A time limit of 1 hour 30 minutes will be applied in 3K event; and

6.3 30 minutes after the first finisher in in each age group in the 5K event.

7. Swimwear and devices

7.1   No swimmer shall be permitted to use or wear any device that may be an aid to their speed, endurance or buoyancy. Goggles, 2 caps, nose clip and earplugs may be used.

7.2   Swimwear must conform with ASA Law BL 8.4 For open water swimming competitions with water temperature from 20 C swimsuits for both men and women shall not cover the neck, nor extend past the shoulder, nor extend below the ankle. Subject to these specific shape specifications, swimsuits for open water swimming competitions shall further comply with all other requirements applicable to swimsuits for pool swimming competition.

BL 8.5; from January 1, 2017, for open water swimming competitions in water with temperature below 20 C, men and women may use either swimsuits (BL 8.4) or wetsuits. When the water temperature is below 18 C, the use of wetsuits is compulsory.

For the purpose of these rules, wetsuits are swimsuits made of material providing thermal insulation. Wetsuits for both men and women shall completely cover torso, back, shoulders and

knees. They shall not extend beyond the neck, wrists and ankles.

BL 8.6: BL 8.5 applies also for the masters Open Water competitions.

[Note to BL 8.6: It is clarified that swimsuits, respectively wetsuits which fulfil the shape requirement set forth in BL 8.3, respectively BL 8.4 and 8.5 (for open water swimming competitions) can be accepted even if they do not bear a valid FINA approval label provided they effectively and evidently fulfill the material requirements set forth in the current FINA Requirements for Swimwear Approval. This is notably the case for swimsuits made of traditional permeable textile (i.e. open mesh material) material (such as cotton, Nylon, Lycra and the like) with no application of

surface treatment closing the open mesh structure and wetsuits which expressly fulfil the thickness requirement (for example wetsuit thickness provided by manufacturer). In case of doubt in this respect and when notably such doubt concerns a swimsuit or a wetsuit used at the occasion of a World record, an actual check of the swimsuit or a wetsuit can be required from the competitor or

Certifying Official and the swimsuit or a wetsuit is to be forwarded to the FINA Office for submission to an actual control of all or parts of the requirements.]

8. Swimmers shall be allowed to use grease or other such substances providing these are not, in the opinion of the referee, excessive.

9. Only the official Safety Boats and Canoes will be allowed on the course. Competitors are not allowed to use their own canoes.

10  If, due to inclement weather, the event, including Championships and other Competitions have to be cancelled then the Organisers will make every effort to re-run the event on another date. If this is not possible, then after all expenses have been paid, a percentage of the Entry Fee may be refunded.

11. Disabilities

11.1 Athletes with a disability entering the Multi-Disability 2km or 3km Events must be registered with the ASA, British Swimming and/or the IPC. Athletes in the Multi-Disability events will swim under exactly the same Conditions as all other athletes in the relevant Event.

12. Multiple start times may be used in the interest of safety.

13. Protests shall be made and dealt with as detailed in ASA Law.

14. Any matters not provided for in these conditions shall be decided by the Regional Management Board.

By Car: Satnav directions – PO18 0NX

Parking: Parking is very limited adjacent to the lake. Free parking available by kind permission of Rolls Royce cars at their factory about half a mile beyond the lake – this will be signed.

By Train: There are regular trains to Chichester from all main line stations. For more information contact National Rail Enquiries.

Local accommodation: The Visit Chichester provides comprehensive information about local accommodation, composite and caravan parks.

Please read this Important information.

  1. Competitors should seek appropriate medical advice if I have any concerns as to the state of my health. I have not been informed by any medical practitioner and I do not have any knowledge of any medical condition which would make it inadvisable for me to participate in Open Water Swimming events or any other associated activities. Accordingly I hereby certify that I am physically fit and well to participate in any such training and events.
  2. Swimmers should appreciate the inherent risks involved in such training and competition including the possibilities of injury and accident. They should undertake to always conduct myself in a responsible and professional manner.
  3. Swimmers should undertake at all times to use their best endeavours to train and compete in a safe and proper manner and not to do anything which would expose themselves or fellow swimmers to unnecessary risk or injury.
  4. Swimmers should  undertake at all times to take all reasonable safety measures for the protection of myself and fellow swimmers and to inform the Referee of any concerns they may have as regards safety.
  5. Swimmers should acknowledge that, during Open Water Swimming events, the Swim England South East Region cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings and that swimmers must take all reasonable steps against any such loss or damage.
  6. Swimmers must abide by and be governed by the rules of the Amateur Swimming Association and all other laws and Referee regulations applicable including the ASA Safety Laws and the Conditions of the Swim England South East Region.
  7. Competitors are reminded that anyone not attend their briefing will not be permitted to start.
  8. All swimmers under the age of 18 must be under the supervision of a Club Coach or designated Club Official at all times whilst in the vicinity of the water.
For further information please email

Other open water competitions

Swim England National Open Water Festival 2018

Sunday 29 and Monday 30 July.

The National Open Water Festival 2018 will return to Rother Valley Country Park in 2018 for two days of competition. The Festival will incorporate the:

  • National Open Waters Masters Championships
  • National Open Water Age Group Championships
  • Team 2k

More information is available  from  Swim England

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