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Swim South East

SER Masters at K2 on 28th & 29th January 2012


At 11:00am today, Thursday, I had a telephone call to say that the K2 pool boom has broken and it cannot be lowered to make the pool 50m. Engineers are working on it but they can give no guarantee of success before Saturday.

If they cannot lower it we propose to run the meet as a short course meet, rather than cancel it altogether.   We only have the two options.

Hopefully the pool will be fixed, but the pool manager was not optimistic, otherwise it will be a 25m event.   Please mointor this web page for any progress.

I know that this will cause considerable frustration, but it is entirely out of our hands.

Update from the pool at 1542 hours on 26/1/12.  "The engineers are quietly confident that they can get the boom down but we have to wait until tomorrow for 100% confirmation. "

Update from pool at 1100 hours on 27/1/12.  Engineers have fixed the boom this morning so the meet will proceed as planned in the 50m pool. 

Geoff Stokes
Meet Manager
South East Region

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Posted on 26 Jan 2012 at 12:11 by Geoff Stokes.

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