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The SER round took place at a new venue, The Leys Pool, Oxford and thanks go to the Oxford & North Bucks team for hosting the event.

A superbly-organised Hampshire team wrestled back the Tony Warn trophy from Middlesex in a closely-fought competition. Kent unfortunately had some admin issues with their relay selection and sportingly owned-up to the problem. It did cost them a number of DQ's that knocked them down the final points table. Points table and event results are here.

Best swims of the day (based on ranking points):

Neil REDMAN  Hampshire 28.31 859 points
GINA HEYN     Middlesex 32.64 821 points

Jane Asher, in her record-breaking year, turned out for Surrey in all the senior ladies events and earned valuable points.

After the consolidation of national results SER are delighted to see Hampshire on top of the pile. The standard goes on improving and we congratulate all the SER swimmers who were national event winners:

Hampshire: Jessica Davies, Neil Redman, Martin Bennel, Martyn Price and Imogen Smith

Kent: Emma Oliver, Mike Gregory and Brian Hunt

Surrey: Michelle Ware, David Bryant and Mike Hodgson

Berks & South Bucks: Anne Cork

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